We are answering how important it is to carefully curate who speaks into your life. I've invested in 5 courses in the past 1.5 years, 3 of which being mentorships/coaching this year and I've taken away a lot of lessons.

The people we look up to do more than just influence us. They make us strive to mold into a persona & life identical to theirs. Is this a good thing? Or is it dangerous?

In this episode, we will cover

  • How to choose people to look up to and emulate
  • Discern who and what is a good investment for your business
  • Why the energy of the coach/mentor makes a HUGE difference in your experience
  • A story of an investment I regret


Download the roadmap to navigate if the leaders, coaches and influences in your life are ones you should be clinging to or letting go of.
Sources of Influence Questions Worksheet Download: