I work 20 hours a week on my actual work...heh? Someone might have told you the little white lie that there is the perfect work schedule for creatives who work from home. If you follow it, you will be rested & GOOD TO GO. Here's the truth: Saying that all creative entrepreneurs who work from home have the same work schedule preferences is like saying we all live the same life and have the same responsibilities.

No one's work schedule should be the same. Just like no one's single lifestyle and rhythms are the same. So why does there seem to be a one-sized fits all approach to how you plan your work weeks?

In this episode, we will cover

  • How to find out what times of day & days of the week are best aligned with certain types of tasks
  • How you can work less "client work hours" and still make the same, if not more money than a 9-5 salary job
  • How a custom schedule can avoid burnout
  • Should you put chores and hangouts with friends in your work planner schedule?


Learn how to schedule your work week that fits your needs so you can optimize productivity, creativity and work when you're most motivated.

Get The Custom Schedule Patterns Worksheet: https://view.flodesk.com/pages/5f4fdb9e22a9aa00261541cb